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The Journal of Accountancy podcast discusses the key issues facing the accounting profession.

Jan 25, 2024

Melanie Lauridsen, vice president–Tax Policy & Advocacy for the AICPA, joins the JofA podcast to review 2023’s tax advocacy highlights and look ahead to key issues this year and beyond.

Her team’s focus areas include the employee retention credit claims, beneficial ownership information reporting requirements,...

Jan 18, 2024

Jennifer Wilson is passionate about the accounting pipeline and the work being done by the National Pipeline Advisory Group (NPAG). Wilson, the CEO of Convergence Coaching and independent facilitator for NPAG, joined the JofA podcast this week to update listeners on progress in addressing talent concerns.


Jan 11, 2024

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, CPA, CGMA, the founder and CEO of KET Solutions and a former AICPA board chair, is energized by people she met and words she heard at recent events.

Ellison-Taylor recaps some of the highlights in this episode of the JofA podcast, focusing on a session at the Future of Finance Summit in...

Jan 4, 2024

Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, the CEO of AICPA & CIMA, explains why the accounting profession has to embrace generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) instead of running from it. And that’s not all he’s talking about in this episode of the JofA podcast.

Melancon shares insights on the effect of AI on audit...