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The Journal of Accountancy podcast discusses the key issues facing the accounting profession.

Oct 31, 2019

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Fraud and forensics expert Roger Darvall-Stevens explores emerging global fraud trends and what finance professionals and accountants can do to protect themselves and their firms.

Oct 23, 2019

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Can roller derby double as leadership development? Can we really exercise our “confidence muscles”? Jen Gardner, CPA, says yes to both.

Oct 14, 2019

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Clients who feel an emotional connection to your firm can be your greatest assets — especially in an age where accounting work is becoming increasingly commoditized. Julie Littlechild, founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement, discusses what her organization’s research reveals about how clients become truly engaged...

Oct 7, 2019

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John Garrett -- a stand-up comedian, widely traveled speaker, and former practicing CPA -- shares insights on how to deliver a memorable presentation at your next conference.